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Lil Princess Baby On Board Sticker

$6.99 $9.99 saving $3.00

Lil Princess Baby On Board Sticker

$6.99 $9.99 saving $3.00

By now, you're probably aware of just how much work will go into raising your little girl. After all, someone has to teach her how to pick a reliable hair stylist (the earlier the better!). She'll also need to know the secrets of true girl power, be taught how to be true to herself, and learn how to fight naysayers to unashamedly rocket through those corporate glass ceilings. That's an awfully tall order for someone still so tiny. (Between us, no matter what will come her way, she'll always be your little princess.)

With this in mind, we created our Lil Princess On Board car sticker. It's really, really cute (without being too cartoonish-ish), and the color scheme leaves nothing to be desired with a classic combination of whites, pinks and yellows. Just lovely.

Our stickers don't just look great; they're also extremely practical, and our customers think that they totally rock the casbah. Can you guess why? (If not, click here to read more.)

But hey, not so fast! Why not stick around (pun intended) for a while? There's a whole bunch of designs available, so there'll be something here that's just right for your gorgeous girl.

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Tested and Guaranteed

Detailed Specs

A look at the finer details of our Lil Princess Baby On Board Sticker

Lil Princess Baby On Board Sticker detailed specs
  • Product Dimensions

    W: 5.3 inch / 13.46cm

    H: 4.9 inch / 12.0cm

  • Product Materials

    Premium vinyl

    5-10 times thicker ink

    3 passes of clear UV protection

  • Product Guaranties


    Fade resistant