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Lil Prince Baby On Board Sticker

$6.99 $9.99 saving $3.00

Lil Prince Baby On Board Sticker

$6.99 $9.99 saving $3.00

With our Lil Prince On Board car sticker, there'll always be a cute reminder on your rear window that'll make you smile while you're closing up your car's trunk. Our Lil Prince on Board car stickers feature a very suave prince (pacifier in tow) and a classic blue, white and yellow color scheme that goes with just about everything. It's perfect for proudly declaring you're a mom or dad of a fine, young man-in-the-making (without looking tacky).

While binge-watching last seasons of The Game Of Thrones may be at the top your post-partum to-do list, our advice for all new parents is to spend some quality time snoozing, replenishing your valuable energies for your next super-busy day. The odds are that, tomorrow (if not in the next few hours), you'll have to head out to replenish your stock of diapers/wet wipes/pacifiers, or just to get a sandwich. (Hey, we've all been there during that new-baby phase).

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Detailed Specs

A look at the finer details of our Lil Prince Baby On Board Sticker

Lil Prince Baby On Board Sticker detailed specs
  • Product Dimensions

    W: 5.4 inch / 13.72cm

    H: 5.8 inch / 15.0cm

  • Product Materials

    Premium vinyl

    5-10 times thicker ink

    3 passes of clear UV protection

  • Product Guaranties


    Fade resistant