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Our stickers are the best quality stickers out there, no doubt about it. They are full color, not black and white like many of our competitor’s, and our special silkscreen printing technique means that our stickers are 5-10 times thicker than similar silkscreen printed stickers.

Use Our Stickers Wherever Your Like

As well as looking fantastic, our stickers are fade proof and waterproof which makes them perfect for outdoor use. Use them to personalize sporting equipment, apply them to boats, farm equipment, air conditioning units, anything you like; the permanent adhesive we use means they are durable enough to withstand whatever the weather can throw at them. They are also perfect to use on the rear windscreen of your car to let other drivers know you have a ‘’Baby on Board”.

Why You Don’t Need to Settle for Those “Baby On Board” Signs With Suction Cups Anymore!

Let’s be honest, those Baby on Board signs that stick to the back window are a bit dated now, not to mention boring. If your back window is tinted, it’s hard to see the sign hanging there - especially if you drive an SUV or minivan. If the sign has suction cups, then the chances are they are going to come unstuck on a particularly hot or cold day. If the sign has only one suction cup, often the sign won’t lie flat against the back window and it will dangle down and be less visible. This is especially true on sedans where the angle of the rear window is steep and you would likely need half a dozen suction cups to get the sign to lie flat.

It makes more sense to choose a sticker that you stick to the outside of the window, right? Our stickers are perfect for the job; weatherproof, fade resistant, made from quality materials, and available in designs which are great fun, bold, and eye-catching.

Why Our Stickers Are the Best

Our stickers are the best stickers out there because we use silkscreen printing instead of digitally printing our products. We run our silkscreen stickers through the press seven times. Our process involves using four generous coats of premium quality color ink on custom, vinyl material - which makes them 10 or 20 times thicker than stickers that are digitally printed. We seal that ink with three coats of a special clear gloss, which protects from UV rays and makes the sticker weatherproof and waterproof. It’s like a coating of liquid glass for the ultimate protective coat.

So, now we've explained why a Lil Baby on Board sticker is the best option, it's time to choose the one you like the most and stick it to your car's rear windscreen where it can be seen most clearly by other drivers. Check out our page How and Where to Apply Your Lil Baby on Board sticker for more information. Make sure other road users are fully aware you have a precious load with a sticker that won't peel off on a hot or rainy day.