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Howdy, friend! We're glad you've stopped by :-)

Here you'll get to know us, the Lil' Baby on Board team, just that little bit better. Because, we're the new kid on the block. It goes without saying that there needs to be some sort of an introduction. So, here goes!

Our mission

Creating well-designed, stylish products for expecting and new parents is our passion. Today's parents (that's you!) want gear and accessories that reflect your personality. Because, really, there's only so much poorly-designed, mass-marketed garbage a new parent can handle, after all. Starting with those awful, outdated, yellow-and-black "Baby on Board" signs. Yeesh. So we say it's time to get rid of stuff that's old-fashioned, clunky, and clumsy. And let in the bright, fresh, and funky.

In the beginning...

Choosing our first product to transform was an obvious one. We want new parents to get excited when they see their car's B.O.B. sign. Yep, it was clear to us. Those diamond-shaped, garish "Baby on Board" road signs with tacky suction cups - that for whatever reason, seem to be standard issue for new and expecting parents - had to be the first thing to go.

So we came up with these groovy designs. And now, there's an awesome way to announce to the whole world, "Hey! We've got a cute baby in here!" The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our customers have told us that they love seeing their colorful, fun decals winking at them from their rear view windows.

It makes their day just a little bit brighter. (And ours too!) And unlike other car decals, our Lil' Baby on Board stickers won't pop or fall off, and are fade resistant. But we've got big plans here in our office. Stickers? They're just the beginning...(be sure to stay tuned to check out our product range as it gets released!)

So...what do you guys do all day?

Good question. Here's your answer: We make cool stuff. For a living. (It's an awesome job, by the way.) We walk into work feeling like the proverbial kid in a candy story...or like Tom Hanks in Big.

There's no yawning at desks, or procrastinating by checking email, Facebook, email, and Twitter (did we mention email?) Sitting down at our desks is exciting. Well, of course it is when your job is your passion. We love combining our team's creative talents to add:

  • bling to the bland
  • funk to the un-funky
  • pizazz to the...you get the picture.

And before you ask, no, we're not addicted to coffee. There's no need for triple-shot lattes at 15-minute intervals throughout your shift if you love what you do.

What we're not

Under no circumstances are we, in any way, shape or form -

  • Conventional (pfft!), or -
  • Boring (double pfft!)

And neither are our products. That's the Lil' Baby on Board guarantee :-)