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Lil Punk Baby On Board Sticker

$6.99 $9.99 saving $3.00

Lil Punk Baby On Board Sticker

$6.99 $9.99 saving $3.00

So, for those cheeky, funny babies in our lives, meet our Lil Punk On Board car sticker. His cap? Backwards (of course). His arms? Crossed oh-so-nonchalantly. With a bright red, white and yellow color scheme, this is one funny Baby on Board sticker that'll be turning heads (for all the right reasons).

Just to be clear, we're not at all associated with MTV's Punk'd in any way, shape or form. Though it would be cool if we were. That being said, our babies are pretty good at punking us. They like to hide behind doors and inside boxes, leaping out to surprise us when we search for them. They play peek-a-boo with dish towels and paper napkins (if they're not attempting to eat them), and they like to empty the plastics drawer in the kitchen, over, and over again. They'll try even harder once they find out you've baby-proofed it.

Did you know that we're dedicated to fantastic design? That's right, we love it just as much as providing first-class quality products for our raving fans (er, customers). Read more here about why our stickers are so cool. We've got tons of groovy and funny designs around here, so why not have a look through them to see what catches your eye?

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Detailed Specs

A look at the finer details of our Lil Punk Baby On Board Sticker

Lil Punk Baby On Board Sticker detailed specs
  • Product Dimensions

    W: 4.7 inch / 11.94cm

    H: 5.2 inch / 13.0cm

  • Product Materials

    Premium vinyl

    5-10 times thicker ink

    3 passes of clear UV protection

  • Product Guaranties


    Fade resistant



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