This is how you say #babyonboard

Say goodbye to those old-fashioned "baby on board" car signs.

Ride In Style
  • Weatherproof

    Extremely durable, our cool baby on board stickers can withstand sleet, snow, torrential rain, and even long, scorching summers without peeling, cracking, or flying away.

  • Fade Resistant

    Each full-color sticker is securely printed onto our custom-made vinyl material with 4 coats of ink and 3 layers of 100% UV-resistant gloss.

  • Just FYI

    Don't ask how we found out, but it turns out that our stickers are dishwasher-proof too...

Why the old-fashioned "Baby on Board" signs have got to go

Well, in our eyes, it's pretty simple - they're old. Really old. Like, so old that Noah probably had one hanging off the side of his ark (but it fell off and got lost in all that rain). Archaeologists have found references to them in cave paintings. (And honestly? We think that that's where the garish yellow and black color scheme comes from - they were the only colors the cavemen had available at the time).

Apart from being super-duper-duper old, they rely far too heavily on those teeny-tiny plastic or silicon cups to do the dirty work for them.
And those teensy little cups hardly ever last more than oh, a few minutes. Did you think they'd last longer than that? They're the exact same cups you get on those cheap-o vending machine toys and those knock-off cartoon character dolls that you win at the circus. (And everyone knows those things never stick for long).

BUT even if you have split the atom and managed to stick one of those signs onto one of your rear windows, you'll unfortunately find that any time your car is too hot or too cold (or in fact, even when you just look at them for longer than a second), they fall off. And then you find yourself trying to stick them on again, and again, and again, and again. But did you forget about the poor souls who have tinted car windows?

No one gets to see their old fashion signs.
Unless of course, you choose to stick it on your windshield. (But let's be honest, who's going to enjoy it then? Those bugs that hit your windshield at 60+ miles per hour? Nah.)

That's why we created our Lil' BOB stickers line.

So you can have a bright, funky, colorful way to shout out - "Hey! There's a new kid on the block!" ;-) With no little plastic cups in sight.